David K Wiggs

David is a Sydney based artist with a studio in Brookvale. He studied art at Seaforth Tafe Art College. Completing a diploma in Fine art majoring in painting and a post graduate certificate in drawing. He is also a Horticulturist. Completing his studies at Ryde School of Horticulture.

David has grown up around Sydney’s harbour and beaches. Surfing and exploring the natural beauty and wealth of his home and surrounding coast and country.

Most of his painting and drawing is done in the landscape or Plein air. ”It seems like a natural progression as an artist to paint and produce work in the landscape given that that is where I have always spent my time”. Painting on site on the beaches, the harbour, the bush and out in the country. The work is a response to the subject before him. In the moment. The movement of the water, the energy and theatre of the beach, the bridge, the harbour, the silence and power of the land and bush. The animals at the zoo.

“When you connect with the subject and bypass thought, painting is a special thing. It gets you closer”.

Painting from North Head