Between The Heads – Aquatic Memory 2019-2020

The places I paint are stages where life plays out in front of me.Iconic Stages like The Bridge-The Harbour-The Beaches-The Heads or The Entrance to The Harbour.Some Busy, theatrical and dramatic depending on the day, the conditions or time.

The Fires and Covid.I won’t speculate or say anything more but The Living World has been facing huge issues for a long time and these are manifestations of these.The ocean is a place I go to for many reasons:To paint, to surf, to think, to name a few…

When I setup between The Heads and look out into open ocean towards The Horizon with little or no reference points of land The Stage is vast and depending on conditions can be very calming.Being The Entrance and Exit to Sydney Harbour the boats, ferries and water craft are the characters of The Play and the water movement, swell and currents which can be huge are The Stage that the characters move to and from.Out and in.I have been watching this all my life and every movement of The Ocean and Craft leaves a mark. The Water has a visual memory. Aquatic Memory

Painting from North Head

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