The Sydney Harbour Bridge

I have looked at the bridge with awe all my life and have looked at it and wondered how to paint it and work with it as a subject giving it the respect it deserves. It is a huge subject and I have been working there on and off for the last few years.Producing a painting on canvas for a show at The Manly Art Gallery in 2013 and going from there. Apart from oil on canvas and oil paper I have been working with mixed media ie: Guache, charcoal, ink and acrylic. The Bridge is so solid but also very linear and surprisingly lacy looking so I think different drawing mediums for different lines and marks is what I’m exploring.

It is a great structure and I see it as a natural thing from the earth. Steel and stone but reconfigured and as the light changes through the day, the colour of the stone and steel change. It is also a big stage with an endless procession of people, cyclists, vehicles and trains crossing it.While planes and helicopters fly overhead.

Burning flag setup

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